Windshield Replacement Dallas - What You Need to Know

Faith Auto Glass Dallas should provide protection from weather elements while offering unobstructed visibility while driving, so having one installed in your vehicle is of utmost importance.

Windshield damage can range from minor to serious, with repair or replacement decisions depending on various factors. Minor chips can usually be filled in, while cracks need immediate attention from repairs or replacement services.


Cost of windshield replacement varies based on several factors, including your car insurance coverage and deductible. Most insurers cover windshield repair/replacement as part of their comprehensive portion, which also covers damaged items like broken glass. Furthermore, different auto glass providers may charge different prices; OEM/dealer windshields tend to cost more than aftermarket ones due to higher quality standards.

No matter the cost, it is vitally important that your windshield be replaced when necessary. Even small chips and cracks tend to enlarge over time and pose a safety risk to both yourself and your passengers.

At SunTec, our experienced technicians specialize in repairing and replacing all standard car, SUV and truck models as well as exotic and specialty vehicles. We offer OEM and dealership windshields of superior quality for optimal fitting; additionally we can install molding to make the installation watertight and secure.


Windshield damage is usually covered by insurance policies; however, be sure to review your comprehensive coverage to be certain of its coverage for fallout, vandalism and adverse weather, collisions with animals as well as collisions between cars. Many individuals even choose to add full glass coverage when they purchase car insurance policies.

Insurance deductibles typically need to be met when making windshield replacement claims; however, comprehensive coverage policies offer options that could make getting cracked or damaged windshields replaced much more cost-effectively.

Windshield damage tends to worsen over time and it is always wise to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible for safety and cost reasons. BMW of Dallas can source original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshields that match exactly those on your vehicle and offer lifetime warranties to provide peace of mind.


The windshield provides more than rain protection - it is also an essential safety measure. In a rollover situation, it contributes up to 45% of structural strength for the car's cabin while supporting airbag deployment in case of an accident. Cracked and chipped windshields impede this crucial function and it is imperative that they are repaired or replaced quickly to preserve vehicle integrity and safety.

If the imperfection on your windshield is smaller than a quarter, repairing is often enough to correct it; however, over time even minor imperfections can worsen due to vibrations, temperature variations and road debris.

Original Equipment Glass (OEM Glass) provides optimal performance and protection, but if this option is unavailable to you then quality aftermarket alternatives may also provide viable solutions - just ensure they come from trusted manufacturers.


Cracked windshields protect car occupants in an accident while providing drivers with visibility of the road ahead. But cracks and chips in its structure can compromise its integrity, impairing driver vision. In many states, driving with cracked windshields is illegal.

Selecting a reliable auto glass center is crucial to ensure high-quality materials and cutting-edge installation techniques are utilized throughout the repair process. A reputable company should also offer competitive pricing and provide comprehensive warranty coverage to protect customers' investments.

Windshield damage tends to spread quickly, with small chips quickly developing into cracks that require immediate attention. To find an auto repair shop offering OEM replacement windshields as a quick and cost-effective solution. These will offer superior fit and finish.

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