Is windshield replacement difficult?

A modern windshield replacement is quite complicated and requires enormous accuracy. Making sure the resin dries properly is a part. But checking the calibration of the sensors and cameras of the advanced driver assistance system is another part of the job. Lack of experience: Auto glass technicians replace windshields every day.

It's safe to say they've been around the block when it comes to replacing windshields. You've seen crazy situations, you've seen the scandalous repairs, and you've probably seen it all several times. Choosing to replace a windshield on your own, when you may have never done something like that, could be an overwhelming experience, especially if you're in a situation you never expected halfway through the project. The experience is very useful and people are willing to pay a premium for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you had to choose between a heart surgeon who has successfully completed more than 100 heart surgeries and a surgeon who has never completed one, we know which one you would choose. While automatic glass replacement does not have the same severity as cardiac surgeries, choosing an experienced glass doctor will lead to better results. Selecting a replacement windshield is difficult. Check with your dealer and aftermarket auto glass companies to determine which replacement windshield is required, if it should be designed for HUD wipers, ADAS and rain sensors, or if a simple windshield is sufficient.

A lot of modern technology is a real saving grace to make our lives easier. But sometimes it can cause once simplistic acts to become a real pain. Windshield repair falls into the latter category. The days when a windshield served as a piece of glass are long gone, folks.

On the other hand, the technology that works with modern cars makes it much more than something to prevent haste. And these repairs are also much more expensive. Vehicles equipped with ADAS windshield wipers and rain sensors require more work than removing the broken windshield and installing a replacement. Studies have shown that even a 1-degree change in the orientation of a sensor can put it at risk, so the technician must do what is called “recalibration” every time the windshield is changed.

Drivers should be fully informed about their windshields when deciding where and how to change them. I guess most car owners are unaware of insurance coverage to replace and calibrate windshields. We have a large inventory of windshields in stock or can order your specific windshield quickly. Lack of equipment: Unless you're a former auto repair technician, you're likely missing some of the right tools to effectively replace your own windshield.

Trying to complete a windshield replacement without the right tools, well, let's review the analogy of previous heart surgery and ask yourself if you would be okay with a surgeon operating on you without the right tools. This is why the replacement and calibration of a windshield must be done in a shop that has approved equipment and experience. Windshield protective film (or WPF) has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and acts as a protective layer for the windshield to prevent it from breaking. Knowing the proper amount of pressure to apply during windshield replacement comes from, you guessed it, experience.

Because every major automaker builds their ADAS system a little differently, whoever is replacing the windshield will need to know what calibration method is necessary for their vehicle (some systems even need a combination of static and dynamic calibration). While insurance coverage for windshield replacement varies widely depending on where you live (for example, some regions have mandatory comprehensive coverage), the insurance industry is still faced with the effects that these security systems are having on its claim rates. If the wrong replacement windshield is installed on a vehicle that has a front screen, “you get a double or ghost image”. Drivers who have advanced ADAS systems on their windshields are often surprised to learn the cost of replacing those windshields and that their insurance doesn't necessarily cover those costs.

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