Is a cracked windshield covered under bumper-to-bumper warranty?

A defense-to-defense warranty, also known as a new vehicle limited warranty, usually includes coverage for broken windshields. It should be, but it's usually not covered. Car warranties do not cover a cracked windshield except under certain conditions. For example, if the windshield was not manufactured properly and broke from daily use.

To verify the eligibility of the claim, they will likely use a pen. Trace the crack, if the pen gets caught in a crevice that's where the debris contacted the glass and now it's an insurance problem. I went to the dealer and the service rep found a small notch near where the crack is, but not in the crack. He gave me an out-of-warranty judgment on the matter.

I'm not going to fight something that's not worth fighting, but I appreciate a second opinion. If I take a picture of the crack, would you tell me what you think? Yes. That's an insurance job, not a guarantee. Almost impossible to prove how the windshield broke, so it falls on you.

I already talked to my insurance company about it. I would pay my deductible to have it fixed. And that's something I'll do if it's not covered by warranty. However, if the crack was caused by a defect in the glass, you would want the warranty to take care of it.

I still recommend them and buy them myself, but not for glass. For the most part, a car warranty will not cover a cracked or damaged windshield. Of course, there are certain circumstances that are an exception. For example, this could be covered if the windshield was not manufactured properly and cracked due to daily and regular use.

If the windshield were to crack from road debris, which is the most common way that windshield damage can occur, it would usually not be covered. Because the windshield is generally classified as a “wear item”, just as brake pads, tires and seat belts are, even comprehensive warranties do not cover them. Being proactive and properly maintaining your windshield can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements. However, some conditions, such as negligent driving and specific types of damage, may deter warranty companies from covering windshield replacement or repair costs.

Liberty Mutual follows a comprehensive coverage model for your windshield replacement, just like the other insurers on this list. Many car warranties only offer to repair or replace the windshield if the damage was on your part, for example, if the damage was due to a manufacturing error or a problem with the materials. State Farm doesn't seem to have uniform “if your windshield is damaged, we'll replace it free of charge. Like GEICO, Progressive requires you to have comprehensive insurance to get a covered windshield replacement.

This means that if your windshield is damaged outside of your insurance coverage, you will need to visit a windshield specialist to have it repaired. Preventive maintenance, such as repairing windshield wipers, inspecting for any scratches or chips, and even simply storing the vehicle properly in extreme temperatures, can help prevent future damage to the windshield. When I had a problem with the windshield, I started with SafeLite to get a reference price and then requested a quote from 3 other local windshield stores. Based on experience, the best way to get a lower price on your windshield is to compare with at least 3 windshield companies locally.

That said, we've gone ahead and brought together the top 5 insurance companies, in addition to USAA, to see if they cover windshield replacement. If your windshield cracked on its own, perhaps because the frame was not manufactured properly, you may have a cover if your windshield is a part covered under your extended warranty. These states (Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and South Carolina) require insurance companies to allow people with compression insurance to pay for an additional windshield replacement with no deductible in their policies. On the other hand, a limited warranty does not cover all types of damage or repairs related to the replacement of your car's windshield.

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