Can you replace windshield without calibration?

A car glass installer can replace a windshield, put the camera back in place, and the vehicle will work, but it won't be accurate without calibration. Yes, the system needs calibration every time the windshield is changed. You might be able to sneak out without it, but why take a chance? Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and perhaps parking proximity sensors won't be 100% accurate without proper calibration. These systems must be accurate, some require accuracy on the lines of a target from 1 inch to 100 yards.

The Importance of Accurate Calibration Technicians cannot afford to make a mistake when replacing the windshield of an ADAS-equipped car, as it could compromise the system's ability to offer drivers a more comfortable and much safer driving experience.

Windshield replacement and calibration

is a major insurance claim in the United States, and Flagstaff Arizona is a prime location. Therefore, recalibration of the ADAS window is a much more complex task than the usual replacement of the windshield. Car glass is usually at the top of the replacement list and that includes calibrating the windshield for newer vehicles.

As part of the windshield replacement process, technicians will need to remove and replace the cameras and sensors. However, windshield and rear window replacements always require ADAS recalibration, as the installation process interrupts the sensors and cameras. As already discussed above, the replacement of the windshield of a car equipped with ADAS will require calibration. Especially when proper windshield replacement calibration could make the difference between saving a family of four or a fatal accident.

The fact that it coincided with the replacement of the windshield could be a coincidence, or there could be something else. These ADAS calibrations after windshield replacement require specialized and expensive tools and a lot of training. When you call to schedule a windshield calibration using the Inspector's Auto Appearance feature, you may be asked a few questions about the characteristics of your vehicle's ADAS windshield. If you live in or around Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina or Charlotte, North Carolina, you have the advantage of using one of the best windshield replacement services in the country.

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