Is a replaced windshield as good as original?

Since the quality of OEM car glasses is equivalent to that of genuine car glass, the integrity of your post-replacement windshield is not at risk. The new car glass will be reliable and satisfactory, offering optimal safety standards for your car. Just for the record, many non-OEM parts are as good as an OEM part. A term that has become predominant and promoted by some is the term OEE.

This means “Original Equipment Equivalent. This term makes some sense to me, but then it becomes a question of “equivalent to what standard”. Who determines if the piece is actually equivalent? There is no clear answer. There are poor imitations that should not be considered for use in a vehicle.

Deal with reputable providers and people you can trust. An OEM windshield is a glass that is identical to the original windshield. This is because it is manufactured by the exact same company. Not only can you expect an OEM windshield to match your previous windshield in terms of thickness, color, tint and durability, but it should also fit your car perfectly.

In contrast, OEM quality glass is considered to be the same in specifications as OEM glass, but it is manufactured by aftermarket companies. Unless otherwise specified or requested, this aftermarket OEM quality glass will always be used for windshield replacement by any car glass company. This type of glass will not have the original manufacturer's logo, but is often covered by insurance windshield replacement policies. If you want the OEM glass with the logo, be sure to mention it when you ask for quotes to avoid surprises when the invoice arrives.

If you need a windshield repair or replacement in Winnipeg, contact Hometown Auto Glass to learn more about your options. The Winnipeg car glass experts at Hometown Auto Glass can provide you with the same day windshield replacement service so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Many customers who will come to your shop to replace the windshield probably have a lot of questions about the glass you will use for the job. According to Honda's statement, replacing a Honda windshield on newer models with anything other than OEM parts could cause errors.

If the vehicle was purchased used, it is possible that the windshield was previously changed and replaced incorrectly the first time. This usually leaves scratches on the paint under the windshield that are out of sight, but these minor imperfections can cause problems for you later if not treated correctly before installing the new windshield. When the windshield cracks and needs a replacement, there are two types of windshield glass available to you, OEM and aftermarket glass. Not all glass is created in the same way, and replacement glass for car windshields clearly demonstrates this.

Your windshield repair service in Prescott Valley will offer both options, so it's best to know which option is best for you before you go looking for your replacement. OEE or original equipment equivalent windshields are windshields manufactured by the same companies that manufacture OEMs, but the logo on the glass is that of the glass manufacturer, not that of the automobile manufacturer. An OEM windshield is essentially identical to the original windshield that was installed on your vehicle on the assembly line, with the same shape, size, color and tint. But what if the choice is left to you? An OEM windshield is always a good choice because it will have exactly the same specifications and therefore the same quality and durability as the original windshield.


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