How much does it cost to replace a windshield on audi a6?

When you change the windshield of your Audi, be sure to tell us what options you have on your windshield. If an incorrect replacement windshield is installed on a vehicle that has a front screen, “you will get a double or ghost image. The replacement of the windshield must be carried out by a professional mechanic to ensure the highest safety standards for you and your passengers. Ed Sprigler, vice president of strategic initiatives at Safelite AutoGlass, said that only 1.39 percent of that company's replacement windshields installed last year had HUD, up 0.37 percent five years earlier.

Replacing car windows can be a very specialized job, and costs can fluctuate depending on the time required and the window being replaced. The windshield glass is mounted in a very special way and it takes time and a firm eye to remove and replace it. Vehicles equipped with ADAS windshield wipers and rain sensors require more work than removing the broken windshield and installing a replacement. Everything you need to know for a successful Audi A6 windshield replacement, simple and online.

In order for HUD, ADAS and rain sensor wipers to work properly, a special replacement windshield must be installed. It is important that the body shop or glass company know the year, make, model and identification number of the vehicle in order for the correct replacement windshield to be installed.

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